Podcast: We Are Funny

I've recently started a Radio Show / Podcast with my mate Georgia. Listen and Subscribe here: https://www.mixcloud.com/wearefunnier/ »


A few weeks ago I put together a quick hack called Slider. Paste markdown into a textbox, get slides generated in markdown. The slides are permanently »

2014 in 3 Songs

There's been a lot of great music in 2014. So to keep things short and sweet here are my three favourite songs of the year. Run »

The NowRelax.me Story

When nowrelax.me went 'viral', I was overwhelmed by the attention the site got. It was something I put together in my spare time that has »

The Startup Route

For any student looking for a fulfilling career, I believe having a job in a startup is the best possible first step on your journey. Not »