My Top 5 Tracks of 2013

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2013 was a great year for music. Moving back to London meant I could fit in a lot more gigs, and had a lot of chances to see great bands.

Here are my 5 favourite songs of 2013:

5. Big Data - Dangerous

I browse The Hype Machine every week, usually skipping through the tracks and ocasionally favouriting a couple. This was one of the few songs I remember stopping and listening to in it's entirety. Then listenining again, and again.

The bassline is intense, you can't help but tap along to it. There's a crazy Facebook music video that goes with the song too, you can take a look at it here.

4. The 1975 - Sex

The 1975 was one of my first gigs of 2013, and definitely my favourite. The venue was tiny, but the energy was amazing. This song was a highlight of the gig for me.

3. Marika Hackman - Bath is Black

Now for something completely different. I may still be a bit shitty at playing guitar, but I love a song with a catchy guitar loop in it. Marika's voice on top of this gives it a definite spot in my top 5.

She's put out an EP already in 2013, titled "That Iron Taste". Cannibal would be my second favourite song on it. I'm excited to hear what she puts out in 2014.

2. Kanye West - On Sight

I don't really care about the Love/Hate everyone has going on with Kanye. Yeah he's a bit of a dick, but I love every album he's produced. 'Yeezus' didn't disappoint, and this opening song is something else.

What more can I say.

1. Chance the Rapper - Everybody's Somebody

My favourite albums are always one's I don't like at first. Acid Rap is a crazy album, but after playing it through you realise how perfectly it's been put together.

I really like some of the stuff he's done with Childish Gambino this year too. I didn't put any Gambino in the list, but 'Because The Internet' should get a mention, the script is worth a read too.

Anyway, back to Chance! If you haven't listened to Acid Rap yet you definitely should, it's a free mixtape available here.

BONUS: Youth - Daughter

As this was my Top 5 Songs of 2013, I didn't feel right putting 'Youth' in at first. The official release of the single and Album however were this year though, so maybe that makes it ok.

Similar to Marika Hackman, I think the combination of acoustic guitar and voice are what make Daughter's songs great. Probably not the best music if you're feeling glum, but beautiful nonetheless.

What were your favourite songs of 2013? I'd love to know!
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